• Renting
    & Selling

    We bring a breath of fresh air to Quebec's art market. Unique, original and innovative. Born of a simple idea, we offer art to business clients. Our strength: a unique formula that marries flexibility, simplicity and professionalism. Find out more. 

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  • Discover the artists

    Just fell in love with a work of art ?. Discover the person behind this unique creation. While some artists are already well documented, others prefer to stay out of the spotlight, or are just starting their careers. Catch up with your favorite artists !. Emotion is the first thing that guides us towards an artist but information helps us make well informed decisions.

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  • Admire the artworks

    Take a peek at our vast collection comprised of hundreds of artworks that come from our collection, private collections, or that are available on the market. While some are only available for rent, most of our artwork is available for rent and for sale. If you like an artist not listed in our catalogue, please let us know. Enjoy !

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