About us

Our mission : guide you to...

  • Personalize your workspace by adding character and style.

  • Make your work space more enjoyable for your personnel.

  • Let your clients see your true colours.

  • Show people what your business is really about in a subtle, artful way.

  • Showcase a passion for art in a friendly environment where business and money are not the top priority.

Our findings :

We spend countless hours decorating our homes in a way that suits us best but we seem to forget that most of our adult lives is spent at work! Why satisfy ourselves with a boring and impersonal environment when we can decorate it like it was our own! This vision is at the heart of our business and it's what drives us to discover new, talented, emerging artists and share them with our clients.


Our formula is flexible. It allows you to rent or purchase pieces of art at low cost with accumulated credit… an excellent way to get to know Quebec’s finest artists. Our inventory is comprised of works whose value ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.