Selling and renting of artworks

You want to buy an artwork? Nothing is simpler! Contact us and we will tell you how to see your work. You can purchase an artwork at any time, even during your lease. Certain terms of payment may be offered, all depending on the value of the purchases.

How to take advantage of this: 

1) : Become a member, by purchasing a membership card for only $125 (plus tax). Your membership allows you to accumulate credit for future rentals and is good for life.


2) : We’ll visit you free of charge to give you greater detail on how we work. Our team will evaluate your workplace and explore with you the best spaces for your newly acquired art.


3) : Rent one or more pieces of art. In our inventory, you will find two types: those for rental WITHOUT the possibility of purchase and those WITH. All monthly and purchase rates are available to help you make well informed decisions.


4) : Choose your rental terms. Our contracts have a minimum length of 24 months with possible 12-month extensions for a maximum of 60 months.


5) : Choose your insurance plan. All artwork must be insured during the term of the contract. We can get an insurance plan that you are welcome to use but you can also choose another plan, as long as it offers the same coverage as our plan. Our company will have to be named on your policy.


6) : All rental contracts will benefit from our turn-key service for the transport and installation of your works for only $50/hour. All rental changes of our works are subject to this policy

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