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Anthony Gibbs

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Born in 1951, Anthony was gifted with a rare talent to see the true beauty in the natural world and replicate it on canvas down to every intricate detail; from dust particles playing around an elephant's tusk to the sun-lit hairs on a tiger's head. Gibbs studied at the Bourneville School of Art and has been sketching, moulding and painting ever since, with extremely popular exhibitions throughout the country.

Anthony Gibbs' extreme attention to detail, texture and the play of light have made him a very popular artist with eager collectors and animal lovers alike, causing many of his prints to sell out quickly. In 1988, Anthony released his most popular limited edition print to date "White Tigers Ever Watchful" which sold out instantly and is still, to this day, a favourite of fans worldwide. The success inspired him to take flight to Kenya to study his favourite big-cats close-up and personal in order to scout out more inspirational fauna for his work to follow.

Anthony doesn't just capture the beauty of the world, but also dearly loves and cares for it: he's a member of several charities fighting for the conservation of the animals and the environment they live in. Gibbs' admiration of the beauty of the world has gained him admiration in return; winning himself the Society of Animal Artists' "National Tour", "People's Choice Award" and the "Award of Excellence" medal twice for "Punchy" and "Eye of the Stalker". To this day his work is exhibited throughout America and bought worldwide.

Artist type: Painter

Statut de l'artiste : Contemporary

Style de l'artiste : Landscape/cities


English ( 1951 - )