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Horace Champagne

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In 1980, at 42 years old, Horace Champagne's life was about to start anew.

Leaving a successful business life in commercial art and advertising behind him, he boarded a plane for Western Canada, bringing with him 20 pastel paintings, all done on location in Québec. Having researched the canadian art market and galleries, he realized that Peter Ohler Sr., owner of Masters Gallery in Calgary, was the man he must meet.

Without any previous contact, went straight to the gallery and smack into Peter Sr. himself! "You came all this way and didn't bring any of your art to show me? "Well, I wanted to see your gallery and meet with you first". With a straight face Peter said, "fine, have a look around, and if you don't think my gallery is good enough for you, let me know." Embarrased realizing that this man and his gallery were exactly the place to be, Group of Seven, Tom Thompson, David Milne and a wonderful selection of contemporany art. - "So Mr. Champagne, what is your decision? Good. Now, go back to your hotel, get your paintings and show me what you have." The rest is history.

From the love of the outdoors, fly fishing in streams on lakes in Northern Québec and Ontario, the desire to express their beauty in all seasons, there became a need to put colour onto paper.

Educated in Montréal, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Ottawa School of Art, in the U.S.A. with Charles Movalli, Rocky Neck Mass., and Daniel Green in North Salem, New York. Learning the basics for outdoor painting and from live models with Daniel Green.

Now living on Ile d'Orléans, Québec, studio surrounded by ancient birch, fields and farms, and the beauty of Old Québec City, with crisp cold deep winters. Europe, Italy as a favorite, study the masters, with yearly excursions to the Canadian Rockies and with the discovery of Newfoundland 7 years ago, untouched wilds and little fishing villages, hardly changed over time to provide endless subject matter for pastels, camera and video.

Source: Horace Champagne

Artist type: Painter

Statut de l'artiste : Contemporary

Style de l'artiste : Landscape/cities


Canadian (1937 -)