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Thomas Hilton Garside

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Thomas Hilton Garside was a painter and draftsman* known for his landscapes of southern Quebec.

He was born in Dukinfield, England (five miles east of Manchester). His family emigrated to Montreal (Westmount area), Quebec, Canada in 1914, which is where he lived the rest of his life. (1)

His primary medium was oil paint. However, he also worked in watercolor, pastel, pencil and charcoal. His subjects were landscapes, snow scenes, country life, cityscapes, harbors, genre*, portraits and still life. The locations included southern Quebec in the areas along the St. Lawrence River known as the Charlevoix, the Eastern Townships and the Laurentian Mountains

Artist type: Painter

Statut de l'artiste : Master and/or Historical

Style de l'artiste : Landscape/cities


Canadian (1906 - 1980) Born in England